Clean room facility

The manufacturing facility TUMCells is located on the campus of the University Hospital (Klinikum rechts der Isar), Trogerstrasse 9 (Building 514, see map of MRI).

Here, the fourth floor is entirely dedicated to a GMP manufacturing area with adjoining rooms for Quality Control with a total area of 297.5m2.

The GMP production area with classified rooms covers 157.5m2 and includes:

- Two clean rooms Class B clean with pressurized ventilation / product protection

- Two clean rooms Class B clean, which can be operated with low pressure air / environment protection as well as in an overpressurized mode, and

- Locks, corridors and auxiliary rooms.

The total area of the side rooms is 153.8m2. The following are other rooms in the 4th OG used as genetic workspace in security level S2:

- Two laboratories for quality control

- A reception and storage area for incoming goods

- A cryopreservation unit

- A utility room and laboratory corridors

Other auxiliary rooms located on the 4th floor include a locker room at the entrance,

In the attic (5th floor) of the building 514 located next to the technical  facility (clean air conditioning) an office and documentation room and a kitchenette.

In the basement of the establishment the GMP facility uses a quarantine storage room, a storage room for released products, a Cryostorage room, and a room for cleaning equipment and disposal.

Are you are interested to become acquainted with our facility? We will be happy to show you around! Please contact us by phone: 089/4140-7810/-7811 or -7812, and by email.